Building Psychological Strength

More and more, people are seeing the benefits of building resilience, building confidence, building mental toughness and flexibility, and moving past fear and anxiety in their lives. April Seifert, Ph.D., hosts this powerful podcast that will help you build psychological strength through interviews and information from some of the world's leading experts in the fields of Psychology and Life Design. It's time to go beyond merely surviving. It's time to thrive! This podcast is brought to you by Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength.
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Jul 24, 2019

This week we’re digging into some of those times in life when our feelings and needs can feel really opaque and complex.

Those times when you feel friction, but you’re having a difficult time pointing to exactly why you feel friction.

Those times when the friction you feel causes you to feel guilty because you don’t realize that the emotions you’re feeling are totally normal, expected, and common for the situation you’re in.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever been in that situation.

This week, you’ll meet Lisa Hyde. She is the author of BE #StrongHER, a guide to building confidence, an entrepreneur, beauty, health and wellness expert, retail trend spotter, sought-after public speaker, and advisor to the next-generation of entrepreneurs with The Confidence Crown podcast.

Lisa offers hard-won wisdom gleaned from working as a Talent Agent and manager for 12 years as well as more than seven years experience as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Taking care of others is incredibly difficult and taxing. It’s important to realize that you’ll likely have some contradictory emotions. Being grateful for the ability to care for someone else while simultaneously NEEDING a break is so normal.

  • Your situation isn’t permanent. When you’re on the other side of caring for someone else, when you’re ready, it’s important to explore who we are. Remember those pieces of you that you set aside to care for someone else? They’re likely still there.

  • The golden hour. By this, I mean the first hour of your day. That hour is absolutely precious because it sets the stage for your entire day. My life changed when I began taking advantage of my golden hour.

Jul 17, 2019

Think of your biggest dream. Your biggest goal.

The one that makes you quiver because you KNOW you don’t completely have what it takes to accomplish it.

The one where the path feels completely obscure, and maybe you can only see the first step or two.

That’s the size of the goal I want you to have in mind when you listen to today’s episode with Rachel Nearhood.

Rachel is the founder of Ellie and Ott, a subscription that gives parents a month-by-month game plan to enhance playtime with their little ones and to hone their parenting chops.

Yes, Ellie and Ott is an incredible business, but where Rachel and I dig in today is in her journey toward creating this incredible business.

Specifically, we touch on:

  • Her original idea and the fact that she had to pivot and change it to make it successful. (NOTE: No where in that sentence did I utter the word “fail” the way that some people would think about this type of pivot.)

  • How little she knew how to do in the beginning and how she went about figuring everything out along the way.

  • Where she sees herself taking this business in the future!

You guys are going to love this inspirational episode with Rachel.

Think of your biggest dream, and listen to this before you ever give up on it.

Jul 15, 2019

Today’s episode is an extremely short episode that hits right in the center of a very important topic: failure.

More specifically, I’m talking about failure as something that is:

  • Necessary

  • 100% inevitable

  • A great indication that you’re on the right path

Listen to this episode, and ask yourself, “How many times did I fall today?”

Jul 10, 2019

In the field of Positive Psychology, there is a concept called “thriving through adversity” and “post-traumatic resilience.”

Imagine that.

Experiencing extreme adversity in your life, and instead of having that adversity break you, coming out of it even more resilient than you went in.

Amazing huh?!

Today’s guest is a beautiful example of just that.

Today, you’re going to meet Nancy Solari. Nancy is a Life Coach, a motivational speaker, author, radio show host, and she is legally blind.

Nancy and her 2 sisters were all diagnosed with retinosis pigmentosa when she was 16. The doctors told her that she would eventually go blind, and today, she is living with legal blindness.

I felt so fortunate to chat with Nancy for this episode because the wisdom she has learned throughout her journey with her vision loss is something that we can all benefit from.

In fact, her company Living Full Out, seeks to help everyone make the most of their own life, even in spite of the adversity they might be experiencing.

I know you’re going to get so much out of this episode. We hit some powerful topics, including:

  • What it means to take radical responsibility for your life, even in the face of extreme adversity.

  • How looking ahead at potential struggles and setting yourself up to succeed can help you thrive through adversity.

  • What it means to “live full out” and how we all can make the most of each day that we have in our short, finite lives.

This episode hits on so many topics that are near and dear to my heart. I so hope you enjoy meeting Nancy Solari!

Jul 3, 2019

So many people secretly hold the goal of leaving their 9-5 job to work for themselves, but the leap from traditional employment to an entrepreneurial gig can feel so big and scary!

This week’s guest is going to put it into perspective for you in a way that no one else really does.

This week, you’re going to meet Michelle Evans!

Michelle is an entrepreneur in the online marketing space who helps other companies steadily attract new clients through online marketing funnels.

What’s amazing about this interview though is the approach Michelle took toward becoming an entrepreneur. It is NOT the slash and burn, abruptly quit your job one day sort of story.

Rather, Michelle worked with a career coach, got to know herself really well, then began creating her dream job alongside her 9-5 job. This allowed her to build her business without the pressure of making it sustain her for all of her financial needs.

What a different perspective than what you typically hear, huh?!

Here’s what we dig into:

  • Alignment to your values & strengths - Michelle’s journey away from her 9-5 job began when she got clear about her own, personal values and strengths. This happens to be the very first step of the life design process!

  • Self-awareness - We’re incredibly bad at knowing ourselves. Isn’t that crazy?! Even when it seems like we know ourselves well, it’s astonishing how much lies under the murky surface. It’s so elusive, yet so important. You’ll definitely want to catch this part of the conversation.

  • So many obstacles are manufactured - We find any reason we can to give us a reason to step back into our comfort zone, and many times, that comes in the form of manufactured “obstacles.” This part of the conversation could change your life. 

 The podcast is pivoting! As of August 1st, the Women Inspired podcast will become the Building Psychological Strength podcast! If you want to learn more about Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength, visit us at!

Jul 1, 2019

Friends, I have an announcement, and because you have been along this journey with me, I want you to hear it first.

The podcast is pivoting.

As you know, I have been cultivating my work more and more in the direction of psychological strength and life design.

Specifically, recently I partnered with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Our goal is to bring rigor and scientific-backing to the personal development space by offering content around the tools, techniques, and concepts from the fields of Psychology and Life Design.

Think of us as a gym membership for your mind.

We know from recent research that our minds are much more malleable than we once thought, and through intentional mental exercises, we can strengthen our resilience, confidence, and ability to weather and thrive through life’s ups and downs. That is psychological strength!

To align with the important mission behind that work. as of August 1, the Women Inspired podcast will be rebranded as the “Building Psychological Strength” podcast.

My goal will be to feature guests and concepts that will help you build resilience, confidence, and mental stamina to help you thrive throughout your daily life.

This could take the form of expert interviews about core concepts of psychological strength or inspiring stories of people who have thrived through adversity. The end goal will be to leave you with tangible tips on how you can build your own psychological strength.

I can’t tell you how many mixed emotions I have about all of this.

I’m so sad to leave behind a brand that has been so near and dear to my heart.

But, at the same time, I am being called so strongly to do this work, and I want to put all of my attention and energy behind it. I know the world can benefit from it.

I hope you’ll listen in to this episode to learn more, and I so hope you’ll continue to follow me into the new dawn of the podcast, coming in August.

Jun 26, 2019

All of us are going to experience adversity in our lives, and undoubtedly, it will cause some despair and grief when it happens.

Most of the time, we don’t get to choose whether we’re going to experience something difficult. Things simply happen.

However, what we do get to choose is whether we stay in that place of despair…..or whether we thrive through it.

This week, you’re going to meet Alisa Jones.

Alisa had her first seizure and was diagnosed with ecstatic epilepsy when she was 40-years old. Suddenly being a person who has seizures created an interesting set of obstacles and rules, but also an interesting set of possibilities. In the new book, Gotham Girl Interrupted, she shares a collection of comedic essays about life with epilepsy as a single mother in Manhattan.

This episode will give you the inspiration you need to THRIVE through uncertainty and adversity.

In this episode we cover:

  • The importance of not giving in to despair - When Alisa was diagnosed with epilepsy, she had a choice to make. She had to decide whether she was going to give in to the despair that she initially experienced or whether she was going to lean into the opportunity that was in front of her to help educate others on a condition that is very misunderstood.

  • Channeling your beginner’s mind - So many times, we rush through life to the point that we miss the moments in our lives that deserve to be savored. Being mindful of small details around you can help you calm you mind, it can snap you out of the passive mindset we typically operate in, and put you into a more active state of mind to live in the NOW.

Jun 19, 2019

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself?

Have you ever felt like the path you’re on used to be what you wanted to do, but it just isn’t anymore?

And if so, have you ever felt like you needed permission to make a pivot like that?

If any of that resonates, this episode is for YOU!

This week, you’re going to meet Melissa McGraw. Melissa
 created The Creative Potential after being burnt out working for someone else. Through her own struggles, she realized she had something to offer.

With passion, she formed the go-to source for entrepreneurs with a creative side to have practical action steps on how to build their business successfully.

Beyond a discussion about entrepreneurship, this episode is a discussion about REINVENTION.

In this episode we cover:

  • How it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and do something that makes you feel more ALIVE! ….and how you do NOT need anyone’s permission to do so!

  • Your mind is your biggest asset or your worst liability…and you get to decide which route it takes. Your mind evolved to keep you alive, not to help you THRIVE. It takes intentional work to make your mind work in your favor and set up a day-t0-day life that is vibrant and aligned. Head over to to learn more!

  • Entrepreneurs - at its heart, business is simply a solution to people’s problems. Every successful business simply pairs 2 things: an audience and a solution to a problem they have. Thinking about business in this way will help you craft your SEO, and it’ll help you talk about your product or solution in a way that resonates with your potential customers.

Jun 17, 2019

“Just think positively!”

“Why can’t you look on the bright side?”

At one time or another, almost all of us have been going through a tough time and have had someone say something like this to us.

It has become so pervasive that a term has been coined to describe it: toxic positivity.

This is when encouraging someone to simply “look on the bright side” without taking into account the circumstances they’re in becomes more harmful than helpful.

Here’s the thing: a big chunk of psychological strength involves intentional exercises that are positivity-focused or gratitude-focused.

So, is the entire concept of psychological strength just another form of toxic positivity?

Oooooh, hell no.

In this episode, I am on a serious soap box about the importance and power of building psychological strength and how it’s vastly different from toxic positivity.

I touch on:

  • TIMING: The time to build psychological strength is NOT when you’re currently in crisis. That’s akin to trying to learn how to shoot free-throws during the NBA Finals. The intentional work happens outside of the times when the pressure is on or when life is testing you. Timing is everything.

  • BIASED THINKING: One of the big issues with toxic positivity is that it’s asking you to ignore the difficulty you might be going through and pretend that everything is going well. That’s just unrealistic. In contrast, the tools and techniques that we use to build psychological strength capitalize on the fact that our minds are already biased toward the negative. And, by intentionally using mind-balancing techniques (similar to free-throw practice), we can balance out our thinking to make it more reflective of the reality we’re living.

  • TIMES OF CRISIS: I also have a special message for those of you who might be in a time of crisis or who might be experiencing one of those testing times of life. I hope these words give you comfort and hope for the future.

Visit to learn more about building psychological strength!

Jun 12, 2019

One of my very favorite quotes is by Henry Ford:

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Now, that all sounds nice, right? Sure, April, failure is the opportunity to begin again. That sounds lovely.

However, when the rubber hits the road, most of us enjoy failing about as much as we enjoy having dental work done.

But here’s the thing, the longer I’ve been an entrepreneur, the more I have come to truly understand how necessary and inevitable failure is in this journey.

And that’s what we’re focusing on this week with my interview with Sophia Sunwoo.

Sophia is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in Social Entrepreneurship, a Forbes 30U30 All-Star Alumni, an ELLE Magazine Impact2 Awards Pitch finalist, and a Fred Alger Finance Award winner.

Sophia built her first company when she was 19 years old and sold it before her 23rd birthday. (Yes, you read that right.)

She also co-founded Water Collective, a non-profit founded to fix and prevent broken water projects in the developing world by building community ecosystems of water maintenance care.

Since 2012, the organization has secured clean water for over 76,000 people in West Africa and has been recognized by Forbes, DevEx, African Business Review, and ELLE Magazine.

Here are some highlights of this conversation:

  • Being naive can work in your favor. When you begin a new goal, especially if it’s a big one, being a little naive about what stands in front of you can work in your favor. So many times, if we know what the barriers are that we’ll hit, they keep us paralyzed. If we know how hard it’s going to be, we may not start. But, if you begin with a bit of naïveté, you might just be more likely to succeed…simply because you started.

  • Failure can be a necessity. In the same way that you build physical strength by working out at the gym, there are things you can do to build psychological strength. Failing repeatedly can help you become stronger and more able to handle difficulty down the line. Failure is NOT a sign that you’re not cut out for something. It’s inevitable, and it’s necessary.

  • Designing your own career. Sometimes people feel like you only have 2 options: have a 9-5 job or be an entrepreneur. There are infinite paths you can take, many of which lie in the grey area between the 2 obvious paths I called out before. I encourage you to think about the characteristics your career needs to have to make you happy, and then ask yourself “How might you” accomplish that? Check out this interview for more detail on how to do this.

Jun 5, 2019

How well do you know yourself?

I mean, truly know yourself?

How well do you know the innermost aspects of your true self, including the things that subconsciously influence you?

This week, we’re talking all about self-awareness…how to develop it, and what it means to live in a self-aware state.

We’re also talking about what that self-awareness allows you to do: LIVE AS YOUR TRUE SELF!

This week, I’m chatting with Ginni Saraswati, and if you can find a brighter light in the world, I’ll…I don’t know…do something gross. I’ll eat a bug. l

Truly, Ginni is an incredible woman, and you’re not going to want to miss our conversation.

Ginni is the founder of Ginni Media, a boutique podcast production company, and she is the host of The Ginni Show.

Here’s what we chatted about:

  • How can we be our true selves? Ginni and I had a really deep conversation about her experience as a lesbian and coming out to her family. In the end, it was fear that kept her from telling her family who she really was so that she could live authentically. However, the paradox is that fear holds us in an inauthentic state that can be psychologically damaging. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

  • Self-awareness is always step 1. Being self-aware means understanding yourself at a deeper level….and being honest about it. Sometimes these revelations can be incredibly difficult for us to admit to…but its crucial. If we want to live authentically (to my earlier point), you have to be aware and honest about who you are.

  • Happiness is so important! Focusing on your own happiness is NOT SELFISH! We all have one life to live. If you aren’t living life with an eye toward what’s making you happy, you’re wasting your precious time here.

  • Have the audacity to believe you can be more than you are now. The size of your dreams and goals do NOT get to be dictated by other people. If you have the inclination that you might be capable of reaching something big…you’re probably right. The audacity to reach for HUGE, SCRAY GOALS is what propels me forward, and if there’s one thing I can give you, it is the audacity to be your biggest self.

Go get ‘em tiger!

Jun 3, 2019

Fill in the blank: I’m the type of person who __________.

Are you the type of person who takes risks? Makes a lot of money? Needs the support of other people? Is brave?

The way you instinctively answer these questions can tell you a lot about your self-identity, and this is what we’re zeroing in on for this special mini episode of the podcast.

Here’s what we’re digging into:

  • What is our self-identity? From a Cognitive Psych perspective, we’re digging into what our self-identity actually is and how it was formed. As it turns out, our minds are powerful, but not that sophisticated.

  • How our self-identity shapes our behavior. Your self-identity is one of the things that draws a line around your comfort zone. It keeps you safe, but it also holds you back. We’re digging into how that happens.

  • How to reach your true potential, in spite of your self-identity. The self-limiting parts of our identities can keep us from reaching our true potential, but there is hope! This is why I’ve created a free download you can snag for yourself. Click here to get your copy -->

May 29, 2019

This week, I’m covering a topic that I’ve never talked about on the podcast before: divorce.

Specifically, I’m chatting with Anna Shpilsher, a woman who focuses on helping people rebuild their lives after divorce.

Anna says that her life began after her divorce. Before then, life was pretty awful. She suddenly found herself 30, divorced, and a single mom to 2 small children.

She hated her new identity.

And, to make matters worse, she was stuck… stuck thinking about what once was and not being able to move past it.  All things were becoming a burden, including parenting, and she was longing for normalcy and adult connection like never before.

Anna found her way out of those feelings and has gone on to live an incredibly aligned, happy life, and she’s passionate about helping other people do the same.

This is why she does the work she does today.

We had such an intimate conversation, and we hit on some important topics:

  • Radical responsibility - Anna took responsibility for the situation she found herself in, even though it was her ex-husband’s fault for putting her there! This is the purest example of radical responsibility that I’ve ever seen. My question to you is this: if you aren’t willing to do what Anna did and take responsibility for your own happiness, who are you giving that power to?

  • Negativity habit - Our minds naturally move toward the negative, if we don’t intentionally work to balance our thinking. Anna and I talk about how pervasive this habit is, the impact it has on us, and what we can do about it. (Psst, check out episode 59 for an entire episode on this topic). Head over to Peak Mind to learn how you can break the negativity habit by building psychological strength.

  • Your value as a person - You are valuable as a person, simply because you are here. That’s it. Your value as a person is not dictated by your successes, failures, other people’s praise, or criticism. Anna and I have a powerful discussion about the intrinsic value of every single person and how we can embrace that value, even in the face of hardship.

Thank you, Anna, for your openness and for sharing your wisdom with us!

May 22, 2019

Imagine this: you make a contribution at work, or you score a big win. What do you do next?

Do you tell people about what you achieved?

Or, do you wait for other people to recognize you and leave your fate in their hands?

This week, we’re chatting with Carla Howard. Carla helps women become more Influential and promotable so they can rise with confidence and grace!

Carla was catalyzed to do this work after she asked her daughter and granddaughter to draw a picture of a leader. She was shocked to see that both of them drew pictures of men.

She knew she had to do something to help women rise to their own potential, and we’re so fortunate to have her here on the podcast this week!

Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Personal brand - Knowing your personal brand means knowing who YOU ARE AT YOUR CORE. Knowing your values, strengths, weaknesses, and what you look like when you’re at your best will set you up to create a strong, meaningful personal brand that serves to shout to the world who you are and what you stand for. Self-awareness is a powerful thing!

  • Self-promotion - Shudder. I know. This one is TOUGH! Self promotion can just be difficult for us, yet it’s so incredibly important. One of Carla’s genius abilities is to make processes like self-promotion feel systematic and easy. In fact, Carla is offering a free PDF to help you figure out how to self=promote in a way that doesn’t feel so heavy.

  • The spotlight effect - We tend to believe that other people are paying more attention to us (our wins AND our losses) than they actually are. This has a huge impact on our behavior! In some cases, we avoid taking a risk because we think other people will watch us fail. Or, we don’t feel the need to self-promote because we think other people see our accomplishments. This is called the spotlight effect. However, when it comes down to it, people aren’t paying attention to us, they’re paying attention to themselves.

Thank you, Carla, for such a powerful conversation!

May 15, 2019

What is your biggest goal?

Nope, I mean your BIGGEST GOAL?

The one that is so big that it scares you?

That’s the one I want you to have in mind as you listen to this week’s episode.

This week, I have the incredible honor of chatting with a powerhouse friend of mine, Bri Seeley.

Like many of us, Bri once lived in the land of 'should.' After completing two degree’s in fashion design, she built her own fashion label from the ground up and was convinced fashion was her path. Except, it didn't feel right.

Bri took the leap to close her fashion brand and follow her soul’s calling: to become a business and transformational coach.

Since then, she has coached thousands of people around the world, has been featured on the Today Show, in Forbes, and in so many other media outlets.

Bri is the author of the book “Permission to Leap,” and her passion is helping people reach their goals and live their truth, unapologetically.

You’re going to love this one!

We hit so many powerful topics:

  • How identity can hold us back. I’m going to have to do a whole episode on this soon. Bottom line, if you believe you can do something or you believe you can’t do something, you’re right. Your concept of your identity and what “people like you” are capable of will dictate how high you can fly.

  • Give yourself permission to want what you want. Sometimes we feel ashamed at the size of our goals or at the outcome we truly want to shoot for. STOP! Give yourself permission to want that huge salary, to want that perfect job, to want that expensive bag, etc.

  • Your brain can be your biggest asset - USE IT. Your brain has an incredible ability to goal-seek, but it needs a crystal clear target to go after. If you can give your mind a clear target of what you want it to get for you, it’ll do its job and find opportunities, people, circumstances, and events that align with the thing you want. Let your brain goal-seek for you.

Recently, I announced my partnership with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind! We’re so excited about this new venture that we’re offering a FREE 4-part Achieve Your Peak video series. Sign up now - the doors won’t be open for long!

May 8, 2019

Every once in a while, we get to meet someone so multifaceted and interesting that they shift the way we think about the number of paths we can take during our lifetime.

This week’s interview was one of those conversations for me.

This week, you’re going to meet Sheira Brayer. Sheira is an empowerment speaker, an award-winning songwriter, the author of the book “Motiv8: 8 Ways to Rock Your Own World,” and a mom.

Sheira is on a mission to educate, guide, and inspire mothers and their young daughters with the tools and skills they need to feel better in their own skin!

Imagine that! Focusing on one of the most important relationships we’ll ever have - the one we have with ourselves!

Imagine if every single person in the world made it their mission to understand, support, and love themselves as fully as they possibly could. Imagine how different our world would be?!

I absolutely adored this conversation! Not only is Sheira so entertaining to chat with, but she takes such a creative approach toward the empowerment work she does. Yes, her curriculum is incredible, but the way she infuses her musical ability into it to generate even bigger results is just remarkable.

I know you’re going to love this conversation! In particular, we touch on:

  • Self Awareness - I am willing to bet that I could pick almost anyone at random off of the street and they could benefit from increasing their level of self-awareness. This is one of the areas where we “don’t know what we don’t know,” and the more time and effort you put toward getting to know yourself at a deep and intimate level, the better chance you have of living in alignment with that authentic person inside of you.

  • Self Beliefs - The views you have about yourself will impact the way you interact with others. Isn’t that profound?! Not only do we project our own beliefs onto other people, but once we understand where our motivations and habits come from, we can start to understand why other people might act and react the way that they do. Talk about a way to foster compassion and empathy!

  • Personal Development - Friends, I got on a soapbox with this one. So many times, people down-play the impact of working on yourself. Of becoming a better person. Of showing up in the best way you possibly can. I’ll circle back to something I said before - IMAGINE IF EVERYONE DID! We’d live in such a more vibrant, incredible world. So, from that perspective, self-improvement is not selfish, it’s a good deed we’re all doing for society.

Recently, I announced my partnership with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind! We’re so excited about this new venture that we’re offering a FREE 4-part Achieve Your Peak video series. Sign up now - the doors won’t be open for long!

May 1, 2019

Today’s episode could very likely change your financial life.

I’m serious.

Today, you’re going to hear from Tess Wicks, a financial expert, and the founder of Wander Wealthy.

Periodically in past episodes of the podcast, I’ve focused on the important topic of focusing on building wealth to create financial stability, opportunity, flexibility, and options.

But, here’s the thing. Many times, talking about, wanting, and trying to create wealth can feel GROSS. It can just feel uncomfortable.

Why is that?!

So many of us have beliefs around money that, quite frankly, hold us back from earning at the level that we can and should be earning at, and today’s episode is meant to squash all of those.

Today, my interview with Tess is your permission slip to unapologetically build wealth in your own life, and she even gives some practical tips about how to do it.

I can’t wait for you to hear these incredible topics:

  • Why one of the riskiest things you can do is stay out of the wealth-building game.

  • Contrary to some beliefs, money is NOT evil.

  • Aligning your spending with your values can make each dollar go so much further

  • Our identities around money and wealth create the ceiling of what we will ever go after for ourselves.

Check out this episode and put these tips to work in your own life. Let’s go build some wealth!

Recently, I announced my partnership with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind! We’re so excited about this new venture that we’re offering a FREE 4-part Achieve Your Peak video series. Sign up now - the doors won’t be open for long!

Apr 24, 2019

Wow, I actually had a really tough time putting a title on this week’s podcast episode because we discussed so many amazing topics!

How do you pick just one to highlight?!

This week, I had the chance to sit down with Monica Zimmerman. Monica is a life and success coach who helps people elevate their emotional intelligence at work and in their relationships. She has a special place in her heart for women returning back to work after having a baby, and she draws from her past experience as a midwife to help women through that important transition.

Monica and I got into some incredible topics!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The power of self-awareness - Being able to understand yourself and the situations, people, and events that impact your emotions is such an important skill. It’s one that many people believe they have, when in reality, they don’t. It takes intentional work to cultivate this skill, and Monica and I talk all about it.

  • The massive impact of small changes - Our lives are comprised of the thousands of small decisions we make on a daily basis. This means that even small shifts can create a massive ripple effect on your life. Monica shares such wisdom about how to incorporate these small changes into your life to make meaningful improvements.

Recently, I announced my partnership with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind! We’re so excited about this new venture that we’re offering a FREE 4-part Achieve Your Peak video series. Sign up now - the doors won’t be open for long!

Apr 17, 2019

How many times have you felt the urge to try something new, but you stopped short because you felt like you weren’t qualified?

For example, maybe you want to write a book, but you didn’t go to school to be a writer.

Have you ever considered that the qualification doesn’t precede action? Rather, it is through action that you become qualified.

Also, it is through action that we literally become the person we need to be in order to stretch outside of our comfort zone.

In this episode, we cover:

  • That you don’t have to be perfectly qualified to try something new

  • How your identity dictates the size of the goals you’ll go after

This episode is your permission to pivot.

Recently, I announced my partnership with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Think of it as a gym membership for your mind! We’re so excited about this new venture that we’re offering a FREE 4-part Achieve Your Peak video series. Sign up now at The doors won’t be open for long!

Apr 10, 2019

Pop quiz: Tell me the things people should be doing to keep their bodies strong and help them avoid illness and injury!

You got it: Exercise, sleep, diet, water

Now, what about the things you should be doing to keep you mind strong? What are the things you should be doing to cultivate psychological strength so you have the mental resilience to weather the ups and downs of life?

That’s harder, isn’t it?

Well, as it turns out, the fields of Psychology and Design Thinking are brimming with evidence-based tools and techniques that can help you build the psychological strength and life alignment that will help you THRIVE in your life!

But, until now, those tools have really only been available in academic journals or behind the doors of therapists’ offices.

I’m thrilled to announce a new partnership with my friend Ashley Smith!

Together, we have created Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength, and in this episode, we’ll tell you all about it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What psychological strength is and why it’s important to cultivate it

  • Why our brains can be our best asset or biggest barrier

  • How you can start building your own psychological strength through a membership in Peak Mind.

This project has been in the works for over a year, and we truly believe that we’re bringing something innovative, meaningful, valuable, and powerful to the market.

We’d love for you to join us!

Wanna learn more? We’re offering a FREE 4-part Achieve Your Peak video series. Sign up now - the doors won’t be open for long!


Apr 3, 2019

Think back to when you were a little kid.

How excited were you when you got a new box of crayons or some Play Doh or water color paints?

Inside of each of us is an inner child who is inherently creative. Every single one of us had a time in our lives when we created simply for the joy of the process.

Why don’t we do that as adults?

This week, you’ll meet Kirsie Schwender. She is the founder of the company Love & Drishti and the transformational Meditate and Create event. She makes the most beautiful jewelry, and she had a profound impact on my own life.

Kirsie has had such a powerful journey to become the centered, grounded, creative woman that she is today, and we talk about that in her interview. We also cover some other incredible topics:

  • You only get one life. Don’t get to the end of it and regret that you didn’t live as your true self.

  • Who is your inner child? What does she love doing? What does she do, simply for the sake of doing it? What makes her happy? How can you give her what she needs?

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Mar 27, 2019


Take one moment and do me a favor.

Take the next 30 seconds to think about how your life feels right now, and rate it on a scale from 1 to 10.

Are you closer to the low end? Are things feeling difficult? Are you having to white-knuckle too many situations? Are your relationships, your job, your hobbies, your health out of alignment?

Or, are you closer to a 10? Are things feeling light, joyful, aligned? Do you regularly feel in flow? Are you spending your time in a way that fills you up, rather than spending it in a way that drains you?

This is exactly what we’re talking about this week with my guest, Mary Shores. Mary Shores is the international bestselling author of Conscious Communications: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life.

As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO, Mary Shores teaches individuals and businesses to fearlessly create their own realities by using scientific methods and practical personal development.

Our conversation includes two powerful topics that I have to call out:

  • Alignment – Each of us has our own unique values, strengths, and weaknesses. We have our own goals and our own vision of ourselves at our best. This means, each of us have to make a unique set of decisions about how we live in alignment with all of those unique factors. When we live in alignment, everything feels easier. We have such a great conversation about the importance of knowing yourself well and living into who that person authentically is.
  • Cleanse or clog – One way Mary helps her clients live in alignment is through an elegantly simple method to intentionally make more aligned decisions. She calls this technique the “cleanse or clog” technique. Each time you make a decision about what to do, eat, where to go, how to spend your time, etc., you ask yourself whether it cleanses you or clogs you. It’s that simple. Over time, you train your brain to work this way by default. And that is when the magic happens.

You’re only getting one life. Live an aligned one.

PSSST! I'm hosting an absolutely FREE webinar called "Setting Value Based Boundaries" in partnership with my incredible friend Leslie Forde of the blog Mom's Hierarchy of Needs. If you're in need of a few boundaries in your life, you won't want to miss it. Visit to register!

Mar 20, 2019

This week’s episode is POWERFUL.

This week, you are going to meet Lydia Slaby. Lydia is an advocate, speaker, and writer focused on empowering people, communities, and organizations faced with daunting change.

She is also the author of the brand new book, “Wait, It Gets Worse.” In this book, she shares her story of battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma and the clarity and life lessons she gained from that experience.

You are not going to want to miss these amazing conversations:

  • The importance of knowing what is and isn’t important to you, and the simplicity it brings to your intentional decisions about how to spend your time and who to spend it with.

  • What radical responsibility looks like when you’re battling cancer. Does it still apply?

  • The importance of nurturing your body, mind, and soul.

  • How we all can approach life in a more intentional, straight-forward way.

This is such an impactful episode, and I can’t wait for you to meet Lydia. It’s time to live like your lives depend on it, friends, because they do!

PSSST! I'm hosting an absolutely FREE webinar called "Setting Value Based Boundaries" in partnership with my incredible friend Leslie Forde of the blog Mom's Hierarchy of Needs. If you're in need of a few boundaries in your life, you won't want to miss it. Visit to register!

Mar 13, 2019

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that your upbringing has on your adult relationships?


I hadn’t either. That is, I hadn’t thought about it until I began hitting bumps in the road in the early days of dating my husband. I didn’t realize that the avoidant attachment style I had developed as a child (after losing my dad to cancer when I was younger), was manifesting itself in this relationship.

It didn’t occur to me that the last man I loved and was extremely close to was suddenly gone one day.

It didn’t occur to me that I was afraid of that same thing happening to me in my relationship with my husband.

Today we’re talking to an attachment expert, and wow is it an eye-opening interview. Today, you’ll meet Silvy Khoucasian.

Silvy has a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy) and has dedicated herself to helping individuals and couples heal from trauma, create healthy emotional boundaries and establish real and lasting connection within their relationships.

We hit 2 incredibly impactful topics:

  • How we develop our attachment style & how it impacts our adult relationships

  • The importance of setting boundaries, beyond just boundaries with our time…and how to do it.

This is one of those episodes that is jam packed with tactical value that you can implement in your life today. I absolutely can’t wait for you to meet Silvy Khoucasian!

PSSST! Speaking of boundaries, I'm hosting an absolutely FREE webinar called "Setting Value Based Boundaries" in partnership with my incredible friend Leslie Forde of the blog Mom's Hierarchy of Needs. If you're in need of a few boundaries in your life, you won't want to miss it. Visit to register!

Mar 6, 2019

Have you ever thought about the number of decisions you make on a daily basis and the impact they have on your happiness?

The decision to light a candle at dinner, bake cookies with your kids, or share a meal with family and friends.

These decisions add up and can have an incredibly meaningful impact on your happiness.

That is exactly what we’re talking about this week with Alexandra Amarotico, the author of the book The Secret Joy of Hygge (pronounced HOO-GAH). Alex learned about the notion of Hygge after traveling to Denmark and seeing how they intentionally make small decisions and changes in their day to cultivate this cozy feeling. She’s bringing the notion of hygge to the U.S. with this incredible book.

We talk so much about happiness in this episode, which I LOVE. We also talk about chasing big, life-long goals like writing a book and how to fit that into a busy life.

This episode is so wonderful, and I can’t wait for you to meet Alex Amarotico. Listen to it next to a cozy candle under your favorite blanket.


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